Yes, I went to Lilith Fair

If you hadn't heard already, I actually won the concert tickets. Four of them. On the radio. Let the jokes commence. A couple weeks back, Amanda and I were driving our regular morning commute when we heard on Warm 106.9 (her choice) that they were giving away four tickets to Lilith Fair to caller 10 who could answer the question: "What was made of steel instead of copper for the first time ever as the result of World War II?" or something like that. The answer was of course "pennies" (Who's got a minor in history? This guy.) Amanda was excited that we agreed on the answer and suggested I call in, seeing as she was driving. I dialed, expecting a busy signal. I mean I have dialed into radio stations hundreds of times before, so surely enough... "Hello? What caller am I? 10? The answer is pennies!"

And just like that, I won Lilith Fair tickets - a concert I vaguely knew as a bra-burning ritual started by some angry chicks during the 90s - and I won them on live radio. The DJ asked for my first and last name on the air, which I unfortunately answered. Why I played along, I don't know. Possibly because I was an on-air DJ in college and missed the limelight. Possibly because I was pleasantly surprised that I had actually won. Possibly because I was totally naive to the repercussions of being that guy who called into Warm 106.9 to win Lilith Fair tickets. Twas more of the later.

As the result of my self-inflicted humiliation, Amanda, Nina, Jaclyn and I drove east on Friday to see Lilith - an all-powerful womyn (not woman) whose parts are Colbie Caillat, Sheryl Crow, Erykah Badu, Sugarland, Sarah McLachlan, etc. Lilith announced the day before we left that it had to cancel 10 future tour dates due to low ticket sales. Lilith is a cruel siren and she did spare the Northwest leg of the tour, so off we were.

Before I kick off the photos, here are some key learnings from Lilith Fair: - A lot of lesbians attend, to no surprise - A lot of them choose to go topless, to my surprise - Those chicks can really throw a football - Sheryl Crow has some ancient, old pop songs. I mean, Wow. How old is she? - Erykah Badu was really great. All of the old white people were totally perplexed by her savage beats - Sugarland is some country band my sister likes, and they're a really good Top 40 cover band - Sarah McLachlan is like NyQuil because the second her set started I fell asleep. She probably clears congestion and sore throats. Too many lullabies. And that PETA song about angels

Here are the pictures from our strange, estrogen fueled trip. Lots of camping at Wildhorse, wine tasting at Cave B and concert photos wrapped with breakfast shots from our departure breakfast in Ellensburg. Enjoy. As tolerable as Lilith was, I hope my next concert post will be a Bumbershoot or Coachella... or open mic.





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