Toilet Wars: A New Hope

You might recall from previous posts (Man and His Throne, Toilet Wars: The Fill Valve Strikes Back) that we've had some toilet quality challenges in our 107-year-old home. I had to change the game.

I finally installed a new toilet in what Amanda likes to call our "Money Pit Bathroom" despite the fact that it's the room we've probably invested the least in. Well, Money Pit Bathroom, I dropped $175 on your new throne. Enjoy. Here's how the installation looked.

The old toilet: IMG_1852

Not looking forward to the work ahead: IMG_1854

With the turn of some bolts, the toilet was gone. IMG_1860

The new toilet: IMG_1861

The secret to successful toilet installation is careful placement of the new wax ring. IMG_1868

Work in a small space = not fun. IMG_1870


The new toilet is installed! IMG_1878


I walk away like how cool guys walk away from big explosions in movies -- no looking back. IMG_1874