Farewell, Casual Dress Code

As you can see, things have changed quite a bit with the new J-O-B, particularly my dress. At left, you see my retired attire for Eddie Bauer. At right, Professional Paolo.

My new healthcare job has required that I dress like a real adult for the first time. It only took me, what, 6 years?

My dress code has evolved since my first job at PRWeb. It wasn't unusual there to wear sweats and flip-flops. Jeans were considered formal, but only required for Xbox tournaments. At Weber, the dress code was slightly more formal, especially for client meetings. However, I wore jeans and hoodies most days. I was called into the "principal's office" that one day when I wore cargo shorts and flip-flops, but it was like 90 degrees and I believed I was a smarter for adopting appropriate clothing for the weather. I still hold that conviction. At Eddie Bauer, my dress code was the same, but slightly more athletic considering the apparel we were selling. I also experimented with flannel for the first time. This was significant considering that they're technically button-up shirts.

At the hospital, "business casual" or scrubs are the uniforms of choice. Because "No, I don't want no scrubs," I'm sporting button-up shirts or polos and slacks or khakis. I'm still understanding how to get the belt through all the loops. I don't really need to wear a tie everyday, so I'll probably just reserve that for days when style calls. I'm VERY thankful for the Men's Wearhouse opportunity last year. Now, I have a few different suits to choose from for those few formal days ahead.

I've never been a fan of uniforms, though after orientation on Monday I had a greater appreciation for them. When I was sitting in that room of nurses and healthcare professionals and they were talking about all the virus, bacteria and disease concerns related to accidental needlepricks, skin-to-skin contact and bodily fluids, I had the humbling experience of understanding the functionality and necessity of their uniforms. In that respect, I was all the more happy to be wearing slacks and instead of face shields and masks. Sometimes, you do have to suit up.