An Appeal to South Dakota and Mississippi

I love looking at Google Analytics for this blog and witness what I believe is the most powerful dynamic that the Internet provides: unparalleled geographic access. The content that I publish here and that you publish in your corners of the Internet reach places that we'll never see in person. There's something extraordinary about that.

To date in 2011, I'm happy to report that I've had visitors from every U.S. state EXCEPT South Dakota and Mississippi. I don't know what I've done to those states (I haven't visited them, maybe that's the problem), but for some reason I've been shut out.

So, by keyword or by topic, I'm going after these final two states of the union. This can be my year to reach, for the first time, at least one set of eyes in every state, so if you have friends, forward them the blog!

I'm most disappointed because I've reached just about every damn country in the EU, a good chunk of Asia and South America and even a couple countries in the Middle East and Africa.

So, come on South Dakota and Mississippi, throw me a bone!