A Few Thoughts About My High School Reunion

Yes, I survived my 10 year high school reunion. It all happened so effortlessly that I almost forgot to write about it. Here are a few thoughts now that I've had time to digest the experience.

  • I know a lot of people who loathed high school, but I loved it and was looking forward to the reunion and seeing old friends.
  • There are people I went to high school with that I've never spoken to, even after the reunion. That's OK.
  • I had some great conversations with people I wasn't close to in high school, and that was fun.
  • A lot of people looked better than they did in high school, including me (I think)!
  • There are friends in life who you can see after the longest span of time and talk to them like you saw them yesterday. It's a great feeling to click like that.
  • There are no pictures to go with this post because someone stole my friend Robin's camera, and I was going to use her pictures in lieu of my not bringing a camera. My gym shoes were stolen out of my locker my freshman year. My change of clothes were stolen the day of my graduation. Not much has changed.
  • I felt in high school like I always had something to prove. I don't feel that way anymore. I didn't feel like that at the reunion. Maybe it's because I've had accomplishments. Maybe it's because I'm no longer looking for others' approval. Probably both.
  • These kinds of events are always easier when you have a hot wife to parade around. Go me!