Fircest v. Wal-Mart

Now I may be taking my Bellingham ideals back home with me here, but I don't think this idea of bringing a hell-raising Wal-Mart to Fircrest is a good one. As one Tacoma resident put it:

"Wal-Mart wants to be All-Mart, Only-Mart and Monopoly-Mart. Gig Harbor and University Place kept them out. Lakewood and Graham are fighting them. And we who love our community of Fircrest are going to fight them. We are 'too smart for Wal-Mart.' Wal-Mart has the worst employee-management relationships in the business. The lawsuits are constant and far too numerous to list. Suits involve discrimination, slow payment or denial of health benefit insurance claims and non-payment of overtime hours worked."

But this is all common knowledge by now. What isn't common knowledge is that only about 4 percent of the Fircrest is available for commercial development. The city has lost roughly 18 percent of its annual operating revenue to cuts from voter-approved initiatives, according to the TNT. Yes, the Tim Eyman voter initiative philosophy can have repercussions.

Simply put, Wal-Mart is striking out in Tacoma and its surrounding areas and now the giant is taking on the little safe-haven of Fircrest. Most seem opposed to the idea, except those in power, of course.

Sandwich-maker and occasional idiot Mayor Dave Viafore supports the idea. He sees the money, but does he see the bigger picture?

Don't worry about rezoning for more commercial property. The proposed Wal-Mart will stomp any business in its way. Fircrest is the little city, which should support the little people trying to run the little shop. Dave should know. I could buy that fresh pasta at Viafore's, or I could run down the street to that friendly Wal-Mart and save a couple bucks.