Good Intentions and McDonald's Dollars

Random notes:

  1. Harry Potter is the greatest literary series of all-time.
  2. I am working on a Yahoo system to post photos weekly again for all of you old Web site supporters. I'm not sure if I'll be able to host a Top 5 list.
  3. I know that Bay Street Coffee (old Stuart's) is making a killing off of me because I'm here non-stop playing on the Internet. I'm starting to get strange looks.

Yesterday Scott and Courtney came over and relieved me of my of solitude in the basement. The night was a perfect example of how Scott functions.

First we went to Wal-Mart. I'll spare an analysis here. After we paid, Scott asked Courtney and I to stay behind while he scurried off to the internal McDonald's. After a couple minutes, we walked over to see what Scott was up to. We turned the corner and saw Scott standing frustrated, clearly aware of how much time this sidetrack was taking. He wanted to surprise us by getting a me an ice cream cone and Courtney a parfait.

Courtney asked, "Scott, what are you holding?" He tried hiding it from us, but we could see the strange rainbow-colored papers in his hand. Yes, he had McDonald's dollars.

This is the essence of Scott. He was trying to be a nice guy by getting us some treats, yet he used McDonald's dollars that his Mom hands out to bums at intersections to buy the treats. Good intentions, good intentions...

We ended the night in traditional fashion. Scott Netflixed (too embarrassed to actually rent the movie in a real store) "The Pacifier." The movie was horrible. Basically, Vin Diesel took a try at a "Kindergarten Cop"- esque flick that made Disney look like it lost a bet. I think I have seen every bad movie with Scott... some good, but most bad. That dude has a bad/weird taste in movies. I continue to watch them, too. What can I say? He's my best friend. "Dukes of Hazard" here I come.