Beer Pong Goes Mainstream

It's not exactly breaking news, but I must commend the NY Times for their insightful article about the world of beer pong. My favorite quote from the article: "It's awesome," said Chris Shannon, 22, a senior at Drexel University. "If you win, you win. If you lose, you drink. There's no negative." So what's the fuss about beer pong? It's becoming corporate.

"It's the perfect demographic," said Miller sales representative Aimar McQueeney. "It's mostly college kids pounding pitchers of beer."

According to the article, Budweiser sponsors its own "Bud Pong" tournaments in college markets around the nation, Urban Outfitters sells its own beer pong kit and Miller sponsored a four-day tournament in May that included Miller Girls (oo la la).

To top all of that, a World Series of Beer Pong event in January will take place in Las Vegas. I think it's great. It offers an opportunity for college dropouts, namely frat guys, who can't make it in the poker circuits. Better start practicing.