Girls Like Playboy: A Week in Review

New pictures are posted. The first group of pictures is basically drunk Shelter girls on Thursday night. The other pictures are from Halloween festivities via Mike/Cody's house party and the State Street Depot. The week in review:

  • Courtney came to Bellingham and suprised Scott on Thursday. She suprised me, too. I was standing in my boxers. Upon seeing me, Courtney temporarily forgot she was dating Scott -- until he gave her a Tiffany's bracelet.
  • Katrine and Kenna were in town for concerts and Halloween activities, respectively.
  • I saw Lyrics Born at the Nightlight Wednesday. I give the concern an A. I loved the live band.
  • I saw KRS-One and Common Market at the Nightlight Friday. I give the concert an A-. I got in VIP and felt like a VIP, but there were too many microphone problems and KRS-One kept complaining about it. Common Market was great, though. The CD is hot. Sabzi's production never disappoints.
  • Scott and I created amazing Star Wars costumes. We're also nerds for wearing them.