Weighing in on Election Initiatives

Like all credible news sources, it’s time for Word Is Born to weigh-in and endorse select statewide initiatives (Paolo doesn’t know/care about other initiatives) for this election.

State Initiative I-901 aka Smoking Ban
Vote Yes. Making smokers trek 25 feet from a building is ridiculous because if they go 25 feet away from a building they’ll either be inside another building or on I-5. However, it’s a small sacrifice for the ability to leave a bar/club without smelling like a pack of cigarettes.

State Initiative I-900 aka Performance Audits
Vote No because you hate Tim Eyman or Vote Yes because this is a harmless (pointless?) initiative asking public departments to check themselves before they wreck themselves. No harm done either way.

State Initiatives I-330/336 aka Tort and Medical Reform
Either way you vote, you’re going to hurt either doctors, patients, lawyers or insurance companies. Let’s send this one back to the drawing board. Vote No and No.

State Initiative I-912 aka Recalling the Gas-Tax Increase
Support your local Republican and Vote Yes for this initiative. Gas is 50 cents cheaper than it was two months ago and that trend needs to continue. Take into account that the Gas-Tax is statewide, but it seems transportation benefits only apply to the greater Seattle area. Let Seattleites take care of their own transportation problems.

Remember, your vote counts, or at least it might count in a recount.