If You're Not Skiing, You Should be Drinking

Today's random thoughts are brought to you by Chris Brown, reminding you: "Save water and drink beer with Chris - so the left isn't so lonely."

  1. Gramps sent me a great link that explains the differences between men and women.
  2. Mt. Baker opened Nov. 8 - the earliest opening day in a decade. Loaded with 27 inches, it was the deepest opening day snow in the ski area’s history.
  3. Beer is healthy! According to a OSU report, of course.
  4. Jeff Creighton is in Reno and representing. In fact, he had a date with four lesbians the other day. True story.
  5. Moos is featured in the new Western Front issue about her parties - I mean studies abroad.
  6. Seattle Public Schools are trying to limit "freak dancing" according to the P-I, which describes the act as "lap dancing, standing up." In a related story, Garfield HS students reportedly say there's no point in going to school anymore.
  7. Scott almost fell down the stairs and died on the fourth floor of Bond Hall because he was text messaging. This is yet another reason why text messaging is evil.

These random thoughts were brought to you by Chris Brown - because "If you're not skiing, you should be drinking."