Welcome Rocco, Cosmo, Whatever Your Name Is

Mom got a new pet. Apparently it's a dog, but I'm waiting on some test results to confirm that. The name of the animal is Rocco.

The "dog" is allegedly a Schnoodle, which is a cross between a Poodle and Schnauzer. Schnoodles can get their asses kicked by cats easily. Sam, our cat, is reportedly sharpening his claws and planning an attack.

UPDATE (and a parody from Cider House Rules):

Dr. Larch: Rocco was adopted by a family today. We should all be happy for him. Let us all say goodnight to Rocco.

All: Goodnight, Rocco.

Dr. Larch: Good night, you kings of Maine, you princes of New England.

End Scene. (Interpret: Mom had to return the puppy.)

UPDATE: The dog, renamed Cosmo Kramer, has returned a happier, healthier puppy. Mom is happy.