The Bellingham Weekly Tanks

Well, it looks like the source of my budding freelance career has come to a halt, as the Bellingham Herald reported Friday that the Bellingham Weekly may cease to exist.

Co-owners Tim Johnson and Doug Tolchin are battling for control of the publication in Whatcom Superior Court. The Herald reports:

"Tolchin allegedly fired Johnson and his editorial staff on Tuesday and asked that this week's edition not be printed, according to court testimony. Both Johnson and Tolchin have ownership in Atomic Telegraph LLC, which owns The Bellingham Weekly."

I'm not happy about this. In addition to being my writing outlet, it's the only paper worth reading in this town.

In other local news, Ira English, a Whatcom County volunteer firefighter admitted to setting 11 fires in Whatcom County, beginning in 2002. Yes, the firefighter is an arsonist. Isn't that a conflict of interest? What is happening in the β€œCity of Subdued Excitement” these days?