Wal-Mart Disses Health Coverage

Chris (left, goofy) notified me about an article published in the Seattle Times yesterday reporting how more than 3,100 Wal-Mart employees in Washington were benefiting from state-subsidized health coverage, Medicaid, throughout 2004.

"What Scott saves from Wal-Mart he pays in taxes for its employees," Chris said.

According to the article, Safeway employs as many people as Wal-Mart in Washington, yet only 1,539 Safeway employees used state health coverage.

Medicaid is a state-federal program that provides health coverage to families on welfare and children in low-income families. More than half of the 3,100 Wal-Mart employees on Medicaid were full-time workers (read: Wal-Mart employees are paid in pennies).

Despite this report, Chris, I don't see any reason why Scott would discontinue supporting his neighborhood gun/fishing/auto/grocery/home furnishing/literature/apparel store, Wal-Mart.