The Passion of Muhammed

This is the picture that is throwing Middle Eastern Muslims into a rage?
It's a good thing Mel Gibson made "The Passion of the Christ" instead of the "The Passion of Muhammed" because the satire that was created about Christ after the film's release squashes this half-wit Danish cartoon.

Denmark is as harmless as a kitten with no claws. Should Muslims really be attacking Danish and Norwegian embassys over one newspaper's cartoon?

In all seriousness, at least four people died today outside of the Danish embassy in Tehran, according to the AP. Protesting Muslims are calling for the beheadings of persons who republish the images (oh shit). This is another West v. Middle East episode (I plan to expand on this theory later), in the same vein of the French riots and the Australian beach scuffle.

I'm not condemning the protests. Decrying the right to protest would be contradictory to supporting the freedom of speech that the Danish cartoonist exercised. I do, however, oppose the protests (read: riots) that have created physical destruction. Freedom of speech is designed to facilitate debate. When debate lowers itself to violence, progress halts.

For further analysis of these events, I highly suggest reading an editorial at National Review Online.