Transitioning into a Full Time Job is Hard Work

I've discovered through deep thought and extensive research (talking to my friends) that most of us recent graduates are not all that stoked about our post-college lifestyles. It's not all that bad (especially for those of us who have jobs), just less spontaneous and exciting.

I read a press release today at work on the subject. According to the author, "Anti-career attitude of today's college grads is a 'tough act' being used to hide real concerns. Lack of proper coping skills and an intense fear of personal failure are forcing some Gen Y to seek professional help."

Some other interesting points in the release include:

  • Gen Y's been conditioned to both focus on and expect a reward for every action they take. They’re the "on-demand, instant gratification generation." As a result, some have never experienced what it's like to work purely for the satisfaction derived from their efforts.
  • The choice to go to college has actually been taken away from Gen Y because attendance is now expected. Therefore, the lack of proper motivation for attending college often results in college experiences devoid of any effort to find a career path.
  • Students are led to believe the bigger reward for attending college is the guarantee of a good career and a happy life, but this might not equate.

I don't believe most students have such a hard time finding a career path like the author implies, but I do agree that some of us find the transition into a career-oriented lifestyle challenging. I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday. That speaks volumes.