Catholics Know How to Party

Reason #21 why I live in the wrong country (I'll come up with the other 20 reasons at a later date): Carnival.

I'm not talking about Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras. I'm talking about Brazil's Carnival (the party starts Thursday). According to a Reuter's article, the Brazilian Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church urged party-goers to abstain from reckless sex, too much alcohol and violence during the country's Carnival celebrations. For those who lost score, Carnival is rooted in Paganism (correction amended, credit Nicole), and was later adopted by Christians. Brazil is the largest Catholic country in the world.

According to the article, "The government will hand out 25 million free condoms to promote safe sex during the several days of parties, revelry and parades. In northeastern Salvador, health officials will provide 'next-day pills,'..." Catholics are a "little lose" about the contraception restrictions these days. Pun intended.