Freedom Tower on the Rise

New York City is going to give terrorists one big middle finger in its skyline, via the new Freedom Tower.

Bulldozers began working today to "replace the World Trade Center in an act New York's governor said symbolized the city's comeback from the September 11 attacks," according to a Reuters report.

"We are not going to just build low in the face of a war against terror," New York Gov. George Pataki said. "We are going to soar to new heights and reclaim New York's skyline."

The design of the Freedom Tower includes symbolic significance.

According to the report, "The 82-floor building's observation deck will reach 1,362 feet with a glass parapet at 1,368 feet (415 meters) -- the heights of the original Twin Towers... Its decorative spire will top out at 1,776 feet, a figure to match the year the American colonies declared independence from Britain."

America does not back down in the face of adversity, and the Freedom Tower represents that. I join New Yorkers in saying:

"Fuck you, terrorists."