You'll might notice three things about the ticket pictured left, and if you don't see them, I'll tell you what they are anyway.

First, I saw "The Break Up." Read on for my review.

Second, I bought a movie ticket at a student price. Soon-to-be WWU graduates, I tell you this: Do not deposit your student ID card in that stupid Memory Walk time capsule. A student ID is the card that keeps giving.

Third, (correction amended; credit Karla) you're looking at the ticket and not Jennifer Aniston. I originally tried to post a picture of her, but her beauty was too overwhelming and almost destroyed the blog. I was able to safely load the movie trailer (below).

So anyway, despite mixed review by "critics," I thought the movie was great. The acting was excellent and the story was realistic. Vince Vaughn is a genius and Jennifer Aniston gave a great performance, although her attractiveness was a bit distracting. I thought it was really funny, too, as one would expect from a Vince Vaughn script.

I thought this was obvious and I don't mean to spoil the ending here, but Vaughn and Aniston's characters do break up in the movie. This came as a shock to Courtney after she saw the movie...

Courtney (sobbing): "Why couldn't they just stay together?"
Scott (heartlessly): "It's called 'The F@#&ing Break Up,' Courtney. What did you expect?"