Italy 1 - USA 1

Obviously, I was disappointed that Italy didn't crush USA.

In the first half, Italy took the lead early in the game with a goal from a header by Alberto Gilardino, but, shortly thereafter, Italy's Cristian Zaccardo mishit a ball into his own net to tie the game. Zaccardo can expect to have his balls chopped off when he returns to Italy. Before the end of the first half, two Americans and one Italian received red cards - thus drastically changing the game's dynamics for the second half.

Playing against a team down a man for 50+ minutes, Italy should have been able to convert some goals but couldn't.

At least we can say that USA didn't score a goal themselves against the Azzurri. As Dad says, "We have to score goals for them!"

The story of the game: Officiating was horrible at best. Italy's Andera Pirlo was robbed of a goal on a bad offsides call, and the US's Eddie Pope shouldn't have received a red card for a soft foul.

Here's what the players had to say about the game:

"It was a very strange match. It’s obviously disappointing to only draw when you have ten men against nine for the whole of the second half." - Angelo Peruzzi

"It was a hard game tonight; we ran our socks off. I’m not interested in the results of other teams, we play to win... We created a few chances but we didn’t manage to score." - Andrea Pirlo