Alright everybody. I'm off on my big vacation to Crete, Greece, for a few weeks. I will try and check in here to let you know how it's going and post some pictures. (Yes, ladies, swimsuit pictures.)

In the meantime, please leave a comment here when you miss me. If you really miss me, click on the picture at left to enlarge it. (Did you all know you can do that with these pictures in the posts?!)

Also, the success of Scott's high school dance picture post inspires me to request that you send me (paolomottolajr[at] your high school dance photos (or photos of friends) so that I can post a God-awful, entertaining album of pictures. It'll be funny, I think.

Before I go:

  • Shop with parents
  • See Michelle and Tony
  • Punch Sergio in the arm, for good measure
  • Call some of my peoples
  • See Scott
  • Go to band practice

I love you all.