I'm about to depart from Missoula back to Seattle, but was once again hasseled by the Transportation Security Administration, better known as TSA. The acronym also stands for Totalitarian Security Assholes. Obviously, I'll be venting in this post.

I'm all for airport security. Don't get me wrong. The last four times I've been at the airport I've been selected for "advanced screenings." I don't mind, and I understand because I'm usually flying stand-by and purchasing my ticket the day of the flight.

However, when the security agent is counting the ounces on the lotion container, I get a little irritated. And woe, the inconsistancies! On the way over to Missoula, I had my lotion bottle, which was one ounce over the limit (3 oz.), but, because the container was less than half full, the security agent didn't see a problem with it. My all-purpose contact solution container was too large, though almost empty, so that was confiscated. Whatever. I figured I'd just buy the smallest size available in Missoula, which I did.

But in this recent round, I was told that the size of my lotion bottle was all that mattered and had to be confiscated, even though the specific face lotion I use is available in no smaller size. Then, the brand new all-purpose contact solution I just bought was also confiscated because it wasn't technically a saline solution or eye drop solution. Apparently, TSA doesn't recognize recent advancements in the contact lens industry, which have allowed the visually impaired, such as myself, to be able to use one all-encompassing disinfectant solution, instead of using a combination of varying disinfectant solutions and pills.

I, of course, informed the TSA manager of this history and experience, and suppose that I was lucky enough to be able to board the plane in my state of rage and arrogance.