Some of you ask me, "How is Scott doing in school?" To which I answer, "Good." Of course he's doing well. I'm editing half his papers for him. But to what lengths would Scott go to get the good grades?

Hopefully, not as far as his peers. I was a bit shocked today to read a MarketWatch report titled, "MBAs: The Biggest Cheaters." According to a study by the Academy of Management Learning and Education of 5,300 students in the U.S. and Canada, 56 percent of polled MBA students said they have cheated in the past year. In the poll, cheating was defined as "plagiarizing, copying other students' work and bringing prohibited materials into exams."

I was alarmed to read this article, but, of course, most companies "ensnared by scandal" recently have been led by chief executives with MBAs. It's a business degree, not an ethics degree.

Off topic, I'd like to congratulate Scott and Courtney on their three year anniversary today. I know some readers thought they'd never see the day. I asked both Scott and Courtney why they chose this day specifically. First kiss? First date?

"I don't know," Scott replied. He honestly had no clue. Courtney really didn't know either, but clarified, "We decided we wanted to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend that day... We wanted to seperate ourselves from what Kenna was doing."