Random notes:

  • Today John Kerry apologized for his "stuck in Iraq" remarks (see above). Too late. Already abandoned by many of his former supporters for losing the presidential elecitions, Kerry committed political suicide with his remarks. Any hope he had for running again is squashed. Many, not this author, believe that his remarks may effect mid-term elections, although Mike McGavick certainly used the event to his advantage by calling out Maria Cantwell for not condemning Kerry's comments.
  • My goal this weekend is to attend two productive band practices and catch "Borat" in theatres, not necessarily in that order.
  • Why all the violence? Did anyone catch the Seattle Times article, "Four shot, four knifed over the weekend"? Don't take Halloween so seriously, people. The blood's supposed to be fake. "Obviously this was a pretty violent weekend," said Seattle police Lt. Carmen Best. "What we're doing to stop that is to get more resources out there before it gets out of control."
  • Finally, to prove that he's still looking out for us, Bill Gates and his foundation are giving $46 million (correction amended) to help fight diarrhea. I'll let you digest that one.