Often before going out drinking, I'll have friends hand me their cell phones instead of their keys. They're smart enough to know that they shouldn't drink and drive, even under the influence, but I can't trust their impaired judgment with their cell phones. (For those of you starting to sweat, I won't name names.) Both drinking and driving and drinking and dialing can be harmful, but the later is so much more accessible. All you have to do is reach in your pocket.

But once again, technology offers us a solution: a breathalizer phone. I found the following the following article at work today...

"Already a hit in Korea, the LG LP4100 features a built in breathalizer which records your blood-alcohol level. If you're over the limit for driving it displays a little animated car swerving and bashing into traffic cones.

The other feature is the Drunk Dial Preventer. The phone allows you to select certain numbers from your address book and prevent you from dialing them if your blood alcohol level is above 0.08. And lets face it, it's the same numbers whoever you are - ex-boyfriend, potential future-boyfriend, parents, boss."