Wow. I'm reading live feeds of Steve Job's keynote speech at Macworld. He's announced the new iPhone for Cingular. The features are unreal. Data and photos are courtesy of Engadget.

It's an 8 gig Video iPod. Only one "home" button. No stylus. All touch-screen. It's got a 3.5-inch screen, and the highest resolution screen Mac's ever shipped, 160ppi. It's the thinnest smartphone by far, at 11.6mm and includes a 2-megapixel camera.

It's a smartphone that runs on Mac OS X and updates on iTunes.

The iPhone somehow runs OS X with support for Widgets, Google Maps, and Safari, iTunes (of course) and Yahoo push email. Infact, both Google and Yahoo CEOs came out to speak back-to-back about their partnerships with Apple for this phone. You can browse Web pages like you would on a PC and touch the screen to zoom.

Add html email support to the features list.

And conference text messaging.
And selective voicemail.

Job's was so cocky with the iPhone that he checked Apple's stock price on stage to show that the stock had jumped $2.50 during his presentation. Compare that to the 29 cent increase in Microsoft's stock during its partnership announcement with Ford yesterday.

The 4GB iPhone will go out the door in the US as a Cingular exclusive for $499 on a two-year contract, 8GB for $599. Ships Stateside in June, Europe in fourth quarter, Asia in 2008.

While it's out of a lot of people's price range now, this phone will change the game. BTW, Apple's stock rose 8 percent or $7.10 today. I hope everyone bought stock at the right time.