I picked today's Seattle Times and read the headline: "Sonics want $300 million; some legislators roll eyes." This was not the kind of news I wanted to see on the day I'm going to a Sonics game -- the first time in a decade. I'm already only lukewarm to the Sonics since they traded Gary Payton. That was a personal foul.

I could never justify the cost of buying a ticket, so I lucked out when Wes scored a few tickets from a co-worker.

Sonics attendance has been low. It's the result of high ticket prices, an unsuccessful team and the Sonics' persistance that they need taxpayers to fund an improved Key Arena or an altogether new stadium in Renton or Bellevue. And the team is taking another shot for money.

The Times reports, "Sonics owner Clay Bennett wants at least $300 million in taxpayer money to help pay for a new arena that could cost as much as $530 million, but the request already has drawn skepticism from some key state lawmakers."

If history repeats itself, the Sonics' newest attempt will fail. That'll put them at what? 0-4? That's a poor field goal percentage. I think it's time for the Sonics to work on their game and show that they deserve a new stadium rather than just ask for playing time. Sick burn. And 1.