Reason #2,454,342 why I should destroy Scott...

He posted a damn Craigslist personal ad for me, without my knowledge, and has been forwarding me the responses.

So embarrassing. The grammar is just horrible, too.


Since I published this blog post, I've received a couple good joke responses to the ad.

Chris Brown sent me: "Dang boo you look hott lets get a drink sometime, call me (911) 352-8997."

Moos sent me: "Hi- Can you hook me up with the hott blonde guy?? he looks like fun. hahahahahahaha."

I did get one real response from a girl at SPU who said:

"Don't tell anyone [Paolo: whoops], but I'm replying to your CL ad. In my defense, I'm bored and a little restless, and I thought meeting someone new would be a great way to excite things. Your posting is the first that does not sound desperate, expecting a relationship to magically occur after a couple e-mails and a coffee date, or displaying stalkerish (I realize that 'stalkerish' is not a word, and I would never try to play it in scrabble) tendencies. So, here I am.

"Here's a little about me: I'm a 21-year-old student. I read the NY Times daily, and take pride in knowing what's going on in the world, and I greatly respect people who feel the same way. I read a lot and I'm good at pairing my friends with books they'll love. I love being outside, I ski in the winter, hike in the spring, and go for a run almost everyday. I laugh and talk a lot, people usually like that about me, but not always. I am best when I'm busy, but I'm notorious for spreading myself to thin. I want a puppy.

"Sorry for all of the random facts, but I just concluded that there is no good way to describe yourself to a stranger. If I've piqued your interest at all let me know. I've attached a few pictures (I chose ones where I was on the right side, to make it easy, I'm practical like that) maybe I'll talk to you soon, if not good luck on your search."

This reply came really early, probably when the ad was at the top of the Craigslist page. Even though Scott's description made me sound like I'm gay and didn't finish high school, I really figured I'd get at least a couple more responses, but then again, I haven't dated in a year and a half now (Has it been that long? Yikes.), so maybe I should keep the ad's success relative. This was a good experiment for why I have no desire to pursue online dating, and Scott, I give you kudos for a hell of a prank.