I've been swamped at work, basically because of the 1,000+ stories, similar to this one, that will be published over the next few days about the new Windows Mobile operating system. So, here's your early Valentine's Day post, because I probably won't be able to get around to it later.

I have decided that I'm not entirely fond of Valentine's Day.

  • It does make singles feel like shit.
  • It mandates couples to make a special day, when they shouldn't require a holiday to make a special day for themselves.

However, I read the following counter-argument in one of my favorite sections in The Stranger, "I, Anonymous." Reader discretion advised...


I want to wish a great big FUCK YOU to the singles out there who whine about Valentine's Day. FUCK YOU! In the past when I was single on Valentine's Day, I didn't expect the world to stop the holiday on my behalf. You know what I did instead? I gave cards and candy to my FAMILY, my FRIENDS, my CO-WORKERS; one year I even took flowers to a stranger in a nursing home across town. A fucking STRANGER, and it made me feel great. I still give cards to the people I love platonically. What the fuck is wrong with you if you can only show love to someone who FUCKS YOU? Why don't you get off your ass and show love first -- instead of think the day is a plot against you? Why the belief that a holiday has to stop just because YOU don't celebrate it? What, are you going to tell the world that celebrating Chinese New Year is all about making YOU feel bad because you're not Chinese? Maybe you're fucking single because you're a whiny loser who thinks the WORLD REVOLVES AROUND YOU.

I can subscribe to that argument. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!