Yesterday, before a company-sponsored, beer-infested three-hour team trivia battle at Sluggers after work, the company held a baby/wedding shower for two managers who are expecting their first-borns and one co-worker, Heather, who is getting married in a couple weeks.

At the party, Heather told the story of how she met her fiance.

"I'm not going to be embarrased about this," she said in an embarrased tone. "We found each other on"

There ya go. Dr. Phil's not all bullshit: "You've got personality, looks, I.Q. You just need a little guy-Q, that's all." That's for you, Katrine.

For more on online dating, don't ask me because I refuse it. But you can check out the post about Scott pranking me with a personals ad on Craigslist.

Update: I still haven't found myself in an "I Saw U" ad in The Stranger, dammit. What does it take to get a girl to share her secret love for you in a weekly alternative newspaper in this city?