Because, as a public relations professional, I know how difficult it is to get placement in major, national publications, I need to give big kudos to Courtney for landing herself in the New York Daily News yesterday.

The front page article chronicled Filene's Basement's legendary, annual "running of the brides" event that took place on Saturday, when the store unveiled heavily marked-down wedding dresses. Courtney flew out on Friday night, arrived at the store at midnight, and stood in line with approximately 2,000 other brides-to-be waiting for the store to open at 8 a.m.

According to the report, "The doors at the Union Square store opened, and chaos ensued." Courtney was in the middle of it and became the centerpiece of the Daily News article, which read:

Among the throng was Courtney Creighton, 24, a flight attendant who flew in from Seattle. Her team of four bolted from the pack and grabbed all the dresses they could carry, regardless of size or designer. They built a bunker of gowns around her, a 4-foot pile of silk and tulle.

"I'm sweating," she complained, tossing rejects over her wall of white.

After more than an hour she found it -- a strapless, beaded Kenneth Cole princess gown at 80% off. She'll have to have it altered, but the steep discount makes up for the seamstress fee.

That Kenneth Cole dress she bought was $8,000 marked down to $699, by the way. Way to go Bridezilla -- I mean, Coutney! You'll forever be known by New Yorkers for saying, "I'm sweating."