I'm getting annoyed now by bloggers who do nothing but bitch about their lives. I make an effort to read other people's blogs -- those by people I know and some that I happen to stumble across -- but no longer can I tolerate those who use their blogs to whine about their supposedly shitty lives on a consistent basis.

I understand that some people are truly in a bad place and use their blogs, like journals, as an outlet and alternative to doing something extreme like hurting themselves. I get that. What I'm sick of are the "I graduated from college and am lost in life" bloggers. These people shouldn't have blogs because all they do is waste their time bitching about their lives online instead of getting off their asses and doing something productive and actually helping themselves.

What really amazes me is how these bloggers can reiterate "woe is me" in dozens and dozens of unique ways, always emitting the same message without repeating exact phrasing. You'd think the same bloggers could use that creativity to solve their problems instead of whine about them. Until that creativity is redirected, I think I'll shorten my online reading list.