I caught this story on Engadget today: The Mexican government is trading computers and Xboxes for weapons in the Mexico City neighborhood of Tepito.

City police chief Joel Ortega said anyone who turns in a high-caliber weapon, like a machine gun, will get a computer, while people turning in smaller artillery, like a pistol, will receive an Xbox console.

According to Reuters, "Organizers say they have 100 computers ready for the first wave of the program, each worth 8,500 pesos ($769) and equipped with software donated by Microsoft. On the first day, the city received 17 guns, including 12 from Tepito."

This is awesome. You can buy a gun, kill someone, go down to Mexico and trade it for an Xbox, and then pretend to kill people playing Gears of War while getting loaded on tequila. I'm for it!