Breaking news: Just two weeks after the murder-suicide at the University of Washington campus, the NY Times reports that at least 30 people (updated from 20) were killed at Virginia Tech University this morning -- the deadliest campus shooting in U.S history. The unidentified gunman opened fire first in a co-ed dormitory at 7:15 a.m. and two hours later at a classroom in a science and engineering building across campus, where he was shot to death.

Some students bitterly questioned why the gunman was able to strike a second time, two hours after the bloodshed began.

"What happened today this was ridiculous. And I don't know what happened or what was going through this guy's mind," student Jason Piatt told CNN. "But I'm pretty outraged and I'll say on the record I'm pretty outraged that someone died in a shooting in a dorm at 7 o'clock in the morning and the first e-mail about it — no mention of locking down campus, no mention of canceling classes — they just mention that they're investigating a shooting two hours later at 9:22."