Alert: If you live or work in Seattle, do not drink tap water today.

KOMO-TV reports, "A contractor broke a 20-inch city water main Wednesday morning in the south Lake Union neighborhood, sending a huge amount of water flooding onto area streets and into some businesses. The broken main knocked out water service in the area, leaving many nearby office buildings without working sinks and toilets."

West of I-5, from SoDo to Queen Anne, buildings, including mine, have discolored tap water at the moment. My building manager contacted the city about this, and the city replied, "This discoloration is from sediment being stirred up in the pipes due to the extreme pressure changes... The water is still safe to drink and the discoloration will subside as the sediment settles and flushes through the system." So basically, don't drink tap water.

Go to KOMO-TV to see footage of the flood.