How to comment in 5 easy steps:

  1. At the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on, select "x comments," in between the timestamp and the email links.
  2. Write your comment in the "Leave your comment" field.
  3. Type the letters you see in the "Word verification" field.
  4. Choose an identity. If you have Blogger/Google account, select "Blogger/Google" and type in your username and password (This is how people can enable profile images with their comments). If you don't, select "Other" and type in your name (and Web page, if you want). If you want to be super-secretive, select "Anonymous."
  5. Click "Publish Your Comment."

Remember, half the reason Paolo keeps this blog up is to see what you have to say. However, considering that the hundreds of readers of this blog include immediate family, extended family, current friends, long lost friends, strangers, coworkers, etc., I ask that you keep your comments civil and tactful -- or they will be deleted. Thanks!