Comments are genius. Sometimes they make articles (or blog posts, *wink, wink*).

I was reading an article on Engadget about the "Reverse Alarm Clock" that gives toddlers a visual representation of their expected schedule on a screen (in lieu of a window) based on a parent-set sunrise and moonset calculator. When the clock's "sky display" shows a sun, young children know they're free to roam about the house, but when a moon and stars appear, they know they'd better be in bed. Basically, you can trick your kids into going to bed early so that you can party sooner.

So that was an OK, interesting article. But then I read the comments. This one had me laughing out loud:

An even better solution...DON'T HAVE KIDS! I can't believe how many people just crap out a litter of brats simply because they've been conditioned since birth to do it.

You know how people say after a certain age you just can't remember what it's like to be young? That's because they have kids. Squirting out a bunch of ungrateful monkeys will make you old WAY before it's time.

I'm 41, very happily married...NO KIDS. I can spend my Sundays sitting on the couch in my underwear if I want, or bang my wife on the kitchen floor at noon (...and I do). No screaming kids, no puke-stained carpets, no crap filled diapers, and no smart-assed teenagers getting knocked up at 14 or telling me what a lousy father I was.

Buck the trend, go against the brain washing! Enjoy YOUR life!
Don't waste it trying to teach an ungrateful little version of yourself how to live theirs.

I actually think I've heard Danny talk about children the same way, on several occasions.