Dear Jenna Fischer,

I read today that you fractured four bones in your lower back Monday falling on a marble staircase. I'm so sorry to hear this. Get well soon! I was relieved to learn that you suffered no major injuries to your spine and that, with a little bedrest, you'll be back up on your feet in no time -- ready to start shooting the fourth season of "The Office," no less.

To express my condolences during this healing time, I have made you my #1 friend on MySpace. I know I didn't have to do that. I really wanted to.

You do an awesome job playing Pam on "The Office," and you shined last night playing the new "open and honest" Pam in this season's one-hour finale episode (Warning: spoiler link). You proved why you're such a great actress in the way you owned that episode.

I wish you a rapid recovery, and I look forward to seeing more of your painfully adorable character's blossoming transformation next season.