What a week. Boston was a blast. Chris and I worked hard and played hard. I leave it at that. Thanks goes out to Rachel, my college-friend-turned-native-Bostonian, for pointing us to Boston's better nightlife.

The below picture includes most of the people I worked with during my trip. See my bosses on the right and me in the back, belting away at God knows what song.

See my (nicer) Canon pictures of Boston here, or my (crappier) Sony pictures here (link temporarily down).

After I got back from Boston, I went north with Matt and Moos to the 98225. Before I kicked Nina out of her own apartment so that we could crash there, I checked out her and David's wedding rings. They looked, in the words of Borat, "Very nice-ah!"

Friday night I spent time at some favorite watering holes, including, but not limited to, The Beaver and The Horseshoe Cafe. On Saturday we went to the expanded Farmer's Market and watched the Ski to Sea parade. Before leaving the 98225, we made our way to Fairhaven, where I discovered Chispa, a new Vespa, Schwinn and Segway dealership owned by my old PRWeb boss. David, hook it up!

Matt was insistent that we go to Bob's Burger and Brew in downtown Bellingham the entire trip. Thus, I give you:

The Deconstuction of Matt Wood Eating a Bacon Ranch Chicken Burger (with an extra fried egg)

canon may07 467 (Small)

canon may07 467 (Small)

canon may07 467 (Small)

I apologize for that. I just want to show you what I have to deal with.

Let's see. What else, what else? Um. I got some shopping done at the Seattle Outlets and Alderwood Mall this weekend. I went to the driving range to work on my golf swing. I worked on promotional materials for the focuspoint CD release party June 8. I went out to Belltown with the Shelter girls. I saw Scott's new house, which is really more of a project at this point. Oh, and I heard all about Katrine's trip to the Sasquatch Music Festival. She worked backstage serving coffee to musicians and, among many celebrities, met the Beastie Boys! How cool is that?