For those of you who were questioning the legitimacy or value of YouTube, check this out.

I read on Lost Remote that CNN announced today it will host two debates that will feature video questions submitted by users through YouTube. Select YouTube users will also be part of the audience. After the debate, the questions will be edited together with the answers and posted on YouTube.

“YouTube enables voters and candidates to communicate in a way that simply was not possible during the last election,” said Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder of YouTube. “For the first time in the history of presidential debates, voters from around the country will be able to ask the future president of the United States a question in video form and hear the answer.”

Users can submit questions to the candidates here.

Question: Did you read Bridget Johnson's column suggesting that Americans care more about candidates' "cool factor" than political issues, and are you contributing to this idea by appearing on YouTube?

While this seems to be a departure for the company that made video communications mainstream, YouTube actually has made past attempts to improve its credibility by hosting high quality, educational videos, like this one.