Jacking Sergio's work here, but this is why Geo of Blue Scholars is one of my favorite rappers. From "Opening Salvo" off that "Bayani" album...

First Verse:
Yo, it's the opening salvo
Where po scope the people like Mohammed and Malvo
A sample of the battle we're waging against an animal
Made to snuff us out like the wick of a candle
And all the youth dressed in camo, we ready to handle
And no this war is not scripted
Can't change the channel
We cancellin' all subscriptions
This is the last issue
When the casket closed, can't take the cash with you
And no post mortem residuals
We individuals who, indivisible, become the most invincible
But that is not the issue at hand
We demand a simple right to question y'all people
"Where the fuck is freedom at?"
It's all we ask but instead we get our asses assasinated fast
If the first shall be last, it's time to prepare
Black cloud sky fallin,' put a hand in the air

My people build monuments to weather the flood
I'ma leave how I came: screamin' covered in blood
Died once born twice, both times we knuckled up
Alongside my people we gonna struggle with love...