Online dating is designed for women.

You see, in the terrestrial world, men first judge if women are physically attractive before deciding to make any investment of time or energy to get to know them as persons. Women, on the other hand, will take time to get to know men even if they don't find them immediately physically attractive. I'm NOT saying that women don't think physical attraction is important, but they are much more forgiving of a lack of physical spark if they think they can connect emotionally. Exceptions to the rule? Sure. But this seems to be the common scenario. How else did Catherine Zeta-Jones marry Michael Douglas?

So here I am, having to learn who a girl is before seeing her and it contradicts all of my instincts. Sure, I see pictures of these girls, but are they cross-eyed, missing all of their molars, or breathe through a hole in their neck as the result of years of chain smoking? You can't see any of this in pictures and it kind of freaks me out. I discovered that I really need to know what a girl looks like before I want to invest any time in getting to know her. Call me an asshole or call me time-efficient.

The fact is this: With online dating, the Juliet is at the advantage because she gets to know who the guy is before meeting him (via calls and emails), satisfying what's most immediately important to her -- who the person is. Romeo has to excercise painful patience, because he ultimately would rather invest time dating an attractive girl, only to realize with time that she's a total bitch, than date a girl who's not so hot but has a stellar personality. That's biology for ya.

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