Bellingham's nightlife seems to have been fickle as of late -- with Casa Que Pasa and Callaloo both closing and then reopening and, more recently, The World Famous Up&Up changing ownership and combining with Rudy's Pizzeria. And now The Western Front (my old newspaper) reports that The Nightlight Lounge is forced to close its doors for, like Casa Que Pasa, not paying taxes.

According to the article, the popular club and music venue owed more than $39,000 to the state. Nightlight venue manager and my acquaintance Spencer Willhoft said when it was time to pay taxes, "It was basically an all or nothing situation. We didn't have all, so [the state] got nothing."

Nightlight Lounge owner Matt Feigenbaum said he expects the closure to be temporary and The Nightlight Lounge could reopen as early as today.

I got an email from a guy in a band I played with in Bellingham and he says he's heard rumors about Chiribins, The Rogue Hero and Fantasia possibly closing soon, too. Isn't Bellingham supposed to be a booming city that can't handle its own growth? Why can't businesses in the 98225 figure out how to pay taxes and turn profit in light of this growth?