If you know Matt, you know he loves late night walks. Occasionally, this activity screws him over, especially when he's not in a big, familiar city. The following is a transcription of a voicemail I received from Matt on Saturday night that had me laughing my ass off...

"Hey buddy. Uh, I made a series of bad choices. I drank about 3 bottles of wine and then I started walking and I think I’m in Medical Lake, but I really don’t know where I am. And, uh, I don’t know why I called. I probably wanted to hear a familiar voice.

Um, I thoroughly got lost and now I’m way out in the country. It’s way different than walking around in Seattle because there are always buildings around and things. But here’s there’s just highway. I’m not sure.

Anyway, hopefully things are good with you and you’re having a good evening and we’ll talk to you soon. Hopefully I’ll eventually get some light and find my way home, or I’ll sober up and find my way home.

Either way, walking for multiple hours is a bad life choice. Alright buddy. We’ll see ya. Ciao."

Matt slept in a wheat field that night. He didn't make it home in time to attend church in the morning. Kids, learn from Matt. Don't walk aimlessly into the countryside at night when intoxicated.