I am here in Europa. Flights were not a problem. Once I got into Zurich, that was another story. Three problems with Switzerland:

  1. They speak too many languages, mostly German, so I cannot communicate worth shit.
  2. They use Swiss Francs instead of Euros.
  3. WiFi is sparse at best. Thus, I am journaling in addition to blogging.

God, typing on these foreign keyboards is a bitch. They need to switch the y and z letters back.

Everyone dresses very well here, and the women are gorgeous. I mean American women might as well turn their keys and start acting like men in comparison.

I have seen three Starbucks in Zurich thus far. One was three stories tall and it was packed! These people are seriously lining up to pay six bucks for a lattΓ©. Ridiculous.

I mostly ran around today taking pictures. I discovered the local university on accident. I think I have seen most of what I want to see out of Zurich and think I will head southwest to Interlaken tomorrow -- a little detour before Milan. I will post when I can. I miss you all.

- Paolo