Paolo Does Europe - Aug. 31

I'm at the Eastern (called Ost) Interlaken train station waiting for a train to Grindelwald to head up into the Swiss Alps. Doesn't that sound badass and foreign?! I swung by my hostel and dropped off my backpack first. That fucker was feeling heavy in my travels here from Zurich.

I feel like this place is much more lively than Zurich, basically because Interlaken feels like one big ski lodge. My hostel, Balmer's, looks like a ton of fun and is supposedly one of the hottest night spots in town. We'll see. If the patrons look anything like the girls at the front desk, we'll be in business.

Oh Jesus! Asians everywhere. Seriously, a small army just sprang out onto the platform! I feel like I'm back in Federal Way. They've got to travel like that. I'm sure very few people here speak any Asian languages, so they're getting through their travels by sheer mass. A lot of folks here do speak English, so I feel like a lot less of an idiot today. That's a good feeling.

I think I'll party hard tonight and head to Milan in the morning. I really don't mind this pace of travel. The days feel slow anyhow. Hopefully that keeps up.

Later that day...

At Grindelwald now. Beautiful up here. I'm in the nosebleed section of the Alps. The scenery is dramatic. The mountains stare down upon this humble little town and we all stare back up in awe. It's touristy. There are a lot of walking sticks for sale. Could I use one? Sure. Am I too proud and cheap to get one? Yep.

The hardcore hikers are here. They're calloused and sunburnt, sporting worn gear. I'm not camouflaging myself well wearing Lucky jeans, spankin' new New Balance kicks and a Red Stripe beer fitted t-shirt.
I'm sitting at a cafe overlooking the melting mountains and am about to indulge in a melting espresso gelato. The Gummy Bears I've been eating all day weren't holding up. This is some tasty gelato. After this, I'm taking the train down to shower and catch a nap. Did I mention that I think everything in Harry Potter is shaped by Switzerland?