Paolo Does Europe - Sept. 3

I'm sitting at Riomaggorie, the most southern town of Cinque Terra. I hiked the entire way, across all five towns, with Christian and Serena, a girl we met from Texas. That was one hell of a workout. -- five hours of hills -- but was worth every bead of sweat. I hiked Cinque Terra! How many people can say that?!

My stomach hurts a bit. I probably shouldn't have tried to eat gelato in every town.

We stopped to take pictures constantly. The scenery was stunning. We met a young couple who are moving to from Utah to Seattle when they get back from Italy because he's starting grad school at UW. She was one piece of eye candy. I told her to bring her friends to Seattle with her.

Christian had some kind of religious experience at Manarola, so Serena and I skipped ahead. She just hopped on a train back to Monterosso to try and catch the last of the day's sun at the beach. I'm going to kick it here until Christian catches up and stretch out and relax.

My only problem now is that I just chugged a bottle of water and spilled all over my shorts, so it looks like I pissed myself. Nice, Paolo.