Tonight I saw Jen Wood and Rosie Thomas at the Triple Door.

Jen Wood is fantastic. She's a local artist, well-known internationally for collaborating with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard on the Postal Service album. But really, she deserves all the credit for her solo work. It's brutally honest and painfully romantic. She's the kind of artist you just gush over when she's performing because she's that good. I've seen her at the best (Tractor Tavern, High Dive) and worst (Lock and Keel) venues this city has to offer, but she puts on a great show regardless.

Jen also works at Cafe Fiore with Katrine and Katrine gets hella jealous when I talk about Jen, mostly because Katrine is the Queen of Ballard and does not enjoy sharing the limelight in her kingdom. Katrine "coincidentally" scheduled the Cafe Fiore holiday party tonight, knowing that Jen was playing a significant show at the Triple Door at the same time. Coincidence? I think not. (For those who don't get it, this paragraph is intended to be a joke, although the Fiore party and Jen's show were conflicting.)

I hadn't heard Rosie Thomas before and even questioned her as a headliner, blinded by my admiration for Jen Wood, but she delivered. She and her brother are musical phenoms and Rosie is basically a stand-up comedian the way she can tell stories between songs. In addition to her originals, Rosie covered R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" and a few Christmas tunes, "Christmas Time Is Here," "Baby It's Cold Outside," and a crowd-joining acapella "Silent Night." Singing "Silent Night" reminded me of singing in my Catholic school Christmas programs, which is the reason I'm vocally-challenged.

Lastly, the Triple Door is my new favorite Seattle venue and an ideal date spot. (If you're reading this and I take you out on a date to the Triple Door in the future, it's your own fault for blog-stalking me in advance and ruining the surprise.) I'm constantly and pleasantly surprised by the spaces I find in this city. The acoustics are fantastic and the old-school set up of sitting at tables and watching shows over a meal is way underrated and needs to be brought out of antiquity.

Notes to self:

  • Find hot date to take to Triple Door
  • Set up acoustic focuspoint show at the Triple Door
  • Remind everyone that focuspoint plays tomorrow at Fuel (a less glamorous venue) in Pioneer Square at 9 p.m. A portion of the $5 cover goes to Northwest Harvest.