Today I went skiing for the first time. Basically, I killed it.

Courtney told me, "Paolo, I can't wait to take you skiing because it's the one thing I know I can beat you at." Well, sorry Courtney. Try again.

I took a run at the Bunny Hill (red line on the map) and had no problems. Scott thought I was ready to ski the "real" slopes, so we took the chairlifts up and I learned the ropes on Queen's Run (yellow line on the map). Scott's mom, Cassandra, is a long-time ski instructor and she gave me some pointers. I felt good. I fell only occasionally and demonstrated that natural athleticism is the gift that keeps on giving.

My legs did get REALLY sore midday. Learning to carve combined with the shape of those unfamiliar ski boots took its toll. I let Scott know that I was going to take my last run all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Halfway through Queen's Run, Scott guided us across to Quiksilver, which was only partially open and extremely narrow. We instead took a closed route parallel to Quiksilver(blue line on the map), and that sucked. It was deep, uneven, and I could hardly get through it. I fell often, and by this time my legs were giving out and my upper body was wearing from having to lift myself up from falls. I got to the bottom of the hill eventually, but got one hell of a workout.

Now I can hardly walk, am extremly sore everywhere and look forward to skiing next weekend!