This holiday season's must-see movie is "Juno."

The movie blends the arid humor and neo-folk soundtrack of "Napoleon Dynamite" with the tug-on-heartstrings, familial interactions of "Little Miss Sunshine."

The plot is simple. Teenager Juno McDuff (Ellen Page) gets knocked up by her classmate, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera), and finds her unborn child a seemingly perfect set of adoptive parents (Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner). The bigger picture is really about a young woman having to tread through heavy, adult issues she's not ready for. It's that coming-of-age film that just works.

Actress Ellen Page delivers. OK, bad joke. But really, she deserves that Best Actress nomination and a win for her character creation of the sharp, witty Juno. The writing is endearing, clever and more full of teenage energy than a bottle of Adderall.

Go see Juno. I'll join.